As Tri-Cities  finest landscape construction company and maintenance, Huesitos Landscaping Maintenance offers a one-stop shop for design, construction and maintenance.






Our thoughtful, well-executed maintenance provides reliability, detail, artistry and safety. Using all of our own equipment and a professional  staff . will maintain your residential or commercial property to the highest standard.


Turf-grass maintenance Fertilizer and chemical application Site revitalization Calibrated  irrigation

Pest  & weed  control Hardscape maintenance & repair


Our landscape maintenance services include:


  • Mowing
  • Line Trimming & Edging
  • Hedge Shaping & Pruning
  • Bush Hog services
  • Leaf removal and vegetation hauling
  • Irrigation Maintenance & Service
  • Certified (IPM) Pest Control/Disease Control
  • Soil Analysis & Fertilization
  • Weed identification & Control
  • Landscape Lighting Maintenance & Repair
  • Ongoing tree care inspections for monitoring, maintenance and mitigation
  • Removal and replacement of trees
  • Tree trimming, corrective pruning, crown reduction, artistic shaping,
  • Tree cabling and bracing



Landscape & Lawn Fertilization Services

Our licensed certified professional inspects your landscape to recommend the most effective fertilization plan for your particular landscape conditions. We customize the fertilization to your soil type, species of lawn and shrubs, time of year, weather, and the amount of sunlight/shade that your property gets throughout the year. Soil testing can be performed for pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. We select the blend of professional-grade fertilizers and formulas most appropriate for your landscaping needs, choosing among organic, inorganic, quick release, slow release or controlled release. We then fertilize when it is most effective – when your plants need it and can readily take it up.

We evaluate your plants’ current conditions to decide on their nutritional needs:

Landscape & Lawn Fertilization Services

Age of grass, shrubs and trees (younger growth requires more fertilization)


  • Grass and plant leaf color and size
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Branch and overall plant growth
  • Newly planted sod versus established lawn
  • Pre and post plantings
  • Nutritional needs of trees





Skilled, Uniformed Employees


  • Landscape designers and maintenance teams
  • Full-time office staff to handle your requests rapidly
  • All supervisors are equipped with PDAs for instant communications, emails, and data on jobs
  • English-speaking foremen and supervisors always on every project
  • State-licensed technician performs monthly inspection of your property to monitor and administer treatment for the control of pests, fungus, and diseases
  • Continual staff training on best advanced techniques and proper maintenance services
  • Weekly safety trainings
  • Zero drug tolerance






Huesitos Landscaping  takes pride in the quality and beauty of the landscapes we have installed and maintained for our commercial and residential clients throughout Eastern Washington. . We have the resources and the power to get things done fast and on-time, no matter how large or small. We stand behind our work to ensure our customers’ long-term satisfaction.


Huesitos Landscaping  &  maintenance services are fully customized to meet your lawn care needs. View our landscape installation and maintenance services that we offer to commercial and residential clients throughout Eastern Washington




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Lawn Maintenance


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